Application Development

We provide application development services at low price by working with the best from around the world. We can manage the entire process, from initial concept, to software development, and go-live. Key to success is having great people and using the most suitable technology, with predictable and reliable processes. We oversee all of these. The principals hand-pick the team members, define the technologies, and then maintain control and oversight of the implementation process.

Taking advantage of cloud services such as Azure and AWS, we deliver software that is cheap and reliable to operate, but that can if required scale to support massive workloads – tens or hundreds of thousands of users.

We provide a complete software development service that covers:

  • Initial concept, including cost, risk assessment, and delivery schedule
  • Design – describing the appearance and behaviour of the application
  • Development and testing
  • Go-live

We deliver the full range of systems, including

  • Web
  • Mobile application development, cover both Android and iOS applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Cloud

We work with the client to ensure they have a solution that integrates with their existing systems, and ensures ongoing operation and support.

Why choose us?

We provide application development services at a great price

There is no material benefit to be gained from engaging expensive, locally based personnel. Highly skilled personnel can be found in countries around the world, just as capable as their American or Australian counterparts.

You can have confidence

However, successful delivery requires great leadership. This in turn depends on the experience, skill and track record of the key personnel. We believe that success begins with having the right leads, and for this reason Web Essentials limits the number of projects it will take on at any time, to ensure that its principals are dedicated to your project.


We work with you to establish the technical architecture. We work with all the industry standard technologies, including:


PHP, Java, Node.js, React.js, Angular, .NET


iOS, Android, Xamarin


MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB


AWS, Azure

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