Overview of our software development services

Where do you start when you want to develop an application? We provide services that can assist throughout the process, from initial planning, to development and deployment. We have extensive experience working with start-ups, and develop software at highly competitive rates by drawing on skilled resources from across the globe. We assemble and then manage your application team. 

We have a depth of experience in successful commercial software development, with many years managing offshore teams. By working with us you can confidently build your application at a great price.

The challenges of building software

In this connected world, business success is increasingly dependent on technology. Businesses need apps to stay competitive, and to introduce new products and services for their customers. Building an application is a significant investment. Not only are there the costs of engaging a software developer, but also the business has to invest time from its side. 

Building an application presents a range of challenges, including:

  • Defining what the software will do. Given the budget and schedule constraints what are the essential features?
  • Ensuring that apps are attractive and easy to use, so that they will be well received by the customers.
  • Selecting a developers who are capable of satisfying the business’s requirements.
  • Monitoring the development progress to ensure it remains on schedule.
  • Integrating with existing systems.
  • Deploying into a suitable production environment – one that provides best value, and that is suitably robust and secure.
  • Establishing a support arrangement. Finding the appropriate party to manage the software and infrastructure, to resolve issues, and to co-ordinate software updates after the application goes live.

We provide software development and consulting services that address these challenges. With decades of experience in software development, including app, browser and cloud we work with the business, from initial concept to go-live.

Managed development

We offer software development services at a highly competitive price by working with appropriately skilled people at the best rates. We will manage the entire process, from initial concept, to software development and go-live. The key to success is having great people and using the most suitable technology, with predictable and reliable processes. We oversee all of these. The principals hand-pick the team members from our network of developers, define the technologies, and then maintain control and oversight of the implementation process.

Initially, we will describe the application’s behaviour explicitly in ways meaningful for you and your customer. This will likely include preparing user interface mock-ups. By taking advantage of continuous integration and continuous delivery, there will be a running, testable application from early on. You can have as much involvement in reviewing and testing the application as you choose. Through this, you may identify refinements to the product. These can then be scheduled and factored into the build process.

In addition to building and testing the application, we define and prepare the deployment infrastructure, such as AWS or Azure. We will provide documentation necessary for ongoing operation of the production system. We can also help you to prepare for transition to production, including assisting with identifying a suitable production partner.

Services overview

We offer the following services, from initial assessment to project delivery:

  • Product roadmap The roadmap outlines the product stages, from initial concept through to design, build, test and deployment. It identifies the various skills that will be required at each of these stages.
  • Cost estimation We will provide an estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost to build the app
  • Risk assessment We will appraise you of the technical risks and provide a strategy for addressing them
  • App development We deliver the full range of systems, including mobile, web, cloud, business intelligence, machine learning and AI


We work with you to establish the technical architecture using the industry standard technologies, including:

  • Web: PHP, Java, Node.js, React.js, Angular, .NET
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin
  • Database: MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure

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